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Engine Overall Dimensions
Model 4R 1040 L x W x H (mm) 938 x 525 x 1025
Type Water Cooled Flywheel housing SAE 3
Fuel Diesel Dry weight (Kgs) 491
Number of Cyl 4 Max. Torque (Kgm) 27.7 Kgm @ 1359 rpm
Displacement 4160 Cm3 Alternator 35 amps
Rated Power KW (HP) 56 (76) at 2000 rpm Battery 12 V 135 amps (-ve earth)
Compression System Direct injection Transmission
Compression ratio 18:1 Model TLB1 4WD
Bore mm 105 Make M/s. CARRARO Spa-ITALY
Stroke mm 120 Type Hydro dynamic torque converter with separate clutch plate drive for forward & reverse.
Lubrication Force feed
Starting of engine 12 volts electrical system Converter stall Torque ratio 2.63:1
Forward Transmission ratio 1stspeed 5.350 Service Capacities
2ndspeed 2.965 Hydraulic system 120 Ltrs
3rdspeed 1.544 Filtration 12 Microns
4thspeed 0.827 Fuel tank 95 Ltrs
Travel Speed with Std. Tyres Engine Coolant 7 Ltrs
1stGear 5.6 Kmph Engine Oil 12.5 Ltrs
2ndGear 10.9 Kmph Transmission oil 16 Ltrs
3rdGear 21.9 Kmph Rear axle
4thGear 32.4 Kmph Central chamber 14.2 Ltrs
Tyre Size (Standard) Planetary (each) 2 Ltrs
Front 9.00 x 16.00 x 16 Ply rating Gear lubricant API GL5 or equivalent Brake oil 1.5 Ltrs
Rear 6.9 x 28 x 12 Ply rating    


Instrument panel consists of Tachometer, hour meter, engine oil pressure, fuel gauge and audiovisual gauge for transmission oil pressure.

Charging (Ammeter) Dynamo, water temp. Control switch for lights. Engine fuel shut off-stop lever.

Steering column has the electrical controls for turning indicator, dip switch while driving wiper control etc. and for forward reverse direction selection.

Axle and final drive

Rear Axle: Drive axle rigidly mounted, forward and reversing shuttle Gear Box 4 speed Sychromosh gear box in rigid axle housing with a torque conversion.

Front Axle: steer axle centrally pivoted with oscillation angle of 20ototal

Brakes: Hydraulically actuated dual line, self adjusting oil enmersed multidisc type on the rear axle, well protected, requires literally no maintenance.


Hand operated disc brake on Rear Axle.


Front wheel has the hydrostatic power steering with manual capability in the event of hydraulic system failure form high pressure hydraulic oil is directly supplied via priority valve with a working pressure.

Hydraulic System Cylinders
Main pump flow @ 2200 rpm 99 lpm. Variable volume pump Front Rear end
Auxiliary pump @ 2200 rpm 34 lpm Stabilizer - 2
Working pressure Loader arm 2 -
Loader attachment Bar 180 Loader shovel 2 -
Backhole Attachment Bar 120 Swing - 2
Filtration through suction strainer, Return line filter of 12 micron Boom lift - 1
Electricals Digger - 1
12 Volts system with battery, a alternator & full road lighting. Bucket - 1
  Steering 2 -

Hydraulic Circuit

As the flow from the variable volume pump is as per the demand, the force consumption is optimized.


Well ventilated specious cabin with ROPS & FOPS, Four door walk through access surrounded with toughed glass weatherproof seating and excellent all round visibility.

Cabin is provided with interior light and fan, front screen is provided with wipers, horn, flood lights, 2 heavy duty head lights. Rear view mirror and other safety norms as per R.T.O. regulations.

Technical Specifications
Loader Performance
Bucket capacity (earth work) cum 1.0
A Dump height 2.48
B Load over height 3.05
C Pin height 3.28
D Reach at ground 1.63
E Reach at full height 1.01
F Below ground level dig depth (toe plate horizontal) 0.05
G Roll back at ground 43 deg
H Dump angle 45 deg
X Max. reach at full height 1.42
Excavator Performance
I Max. dig. depth 4.27
J Reach-ground level to rear Wheel center 7.02
K Reach-ground level to slew center 5.64
L Max. working height 5.63
M Max. load over height 3.95
N Reach at full height to slow center 3.11
O Bucket rotation-power 1800
P Site reach to center line of M/C 6.12
Q King post travel Bucket tear out Dipper tear out 0.97 4600 kgf 2825 kgf
Static Dimensions
A Over all length 6.1
B Over all height 3.79
C Height to top of cabin 2.9
D Wheel base 2.24
E Min. ground clearance 0.35
F Slew ground clearance Width over bucket Track width front Track width rear Over all weight 0.65 2.5 1.8 1.74 7750 kgs
Turning Circle
A Bucket Clearance Circle
With brakes 10.04
Without brakes 12.79
B Curb turning
With brakes 6.59
Without brakes 9.91

The controls are easy to reach & simple to operate from the fully adjustable seat with revolving mechanism. Effective instrumentation helps to detect fault at early stages.

Safety Devices

Adequate CARE has been taken to minimize untoward incidents.

Loader arm support

Filter clogging indicator
Boom lock Wet disc type parking brake
Swing lick Seat belt for operator
Fail sage brakes Quick steering control in emergencies
R.OP cabin Solid reflectors
Parking brake Fluorescent reflecting strips

Steering wheel terms stop to stop

All dimensions are in metres.
Note: In view of continuous R & D product improvement, specifications are subject to revision without prior notice.

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